Travelling the world

Tokyo Bay showing the Rainbow Bridge in front of the Tokyo Skyline.

Travelling the world: For more than 15 years, we (a European couple) are living, working and traveling around the globe. We collected work & life experiences from countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America. 

Exploring the world means exploring yourself

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In our 2-on-tour blog, we want to share our core experiences and pictures with you. Additional posts and information will be visible to you after registration.

Our personal travel diary

We started the first edition of our personal travel diaries on 2-on-tour when we relocated to China in 2005. Until today, many more countries followed.

A revision of our blog was long overdue, therefore pls. enjoy now the second edition of our personal travel diary containing our old and new experiences from living and travelling abroad. We would be happy, if they inspire you, support you in your planning and/or help you to discover some different places.

Pls. feel free to share your own findings and recommendations in the comments.
You can find some pictures from our blog in high resolution HERE and HERE additionally.

Posts from our personal travel diary

Working abroad

Each of us works as leader of international teams at a multinational automotive supplier for meanwhile more than 15 years. We set up, grow and structure international organisations in various locations around the globe.

Before starting to work in a new country, we always try to find out as much as possible about the business culture and working styles. Many times we recognized, that advisory books and reality do not match our own later findings. 

Therefore, we want to share some of our own findings from managing international teams around the globe. Of course they are not the final truth, but just may add another perspective.

Posts related to working abroad

  • Romania | Why to go to Romania now!
    After living and working now for nearly 3 years in Romania, it’s overdue to acknowledge and describe the experiences, which we were able to make so far!

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