Mărțișor, an important tradition in România

Mărțișor is one of the major three most important events for couples and families in February / March. For all three events, the expression of appreciation, love and respect is the major theme. They are celebrated across Romania, Moldova and other areas with a significant Romanian share of Romanians. History Mărțișor (literally “little March”) is a symbol… Continue reading Mărțișor, an important tradition in România

Jazz in Sibiu

Tonight was Jazz-time in Sibiu in the Filarmonica. Live-jazz in Sibiu is normally quite rare and mostly limited to the Jazz-Festival in summer. For the remaining year, many bars offer good live-music, but seldom real Jazz. Therefore, this event was anticipated by many. In the Filarmomica of Sibiu, the group “Concert Luiza Zan & Jazzpar… Continue reading Jazz in Sibiu

Sibiu | Review Cafe Tango | Restaurant | 👍

Recently we again went to the Tango Restaurant & Cafe. Conveniently located at Piata Mica, one of the two major squares of the city, you can enjoy besides good food also the medieval scenery of Sibiu. SeatingThe restaurant itself sports an outdoor area (heated at winter-times) + indoor seating area. Service is very friendly (English-speaking… Continue reading Sibiu | Review Cafe Tango | Restaurant | 👍