About us

A few words about us

We (Jennifer and Stefan) are a European couple in the middle of our lives. Already early we had the chance to study and work in Germany, USA, France, Switzerland and China and since then took the opportunity to add various other countries in Asia and Europe to our professional and personal exploration.

In 2000 we both started our careers and today work for an international German engineering and technology company with approx. 400,000 employees, which operates in several business sectors, e.g. mobility solutions, industrial technology, energy & building technology. 

Our professional lives

As Physicist, Jennifer still today focuses on technology, i.e. development and technical sales (hardware and software) for hybrid and electric cars, and for automated driving – so the real cool stuff in the mobility sector. 

Stefan is the Economist in our family, who takes care about commercial topics including general management and transformation / restructuring with expertise in e.g. consulting, controlling, purchasing, logistics.

To us this seems to be the perfect combination ;-).

In our professional life, we are both passionate about forming, developing, coaching, inspiring international teams in our respective areas. We share the interest in new technologies and sustainable operating models.

In our private life, we enjoy traveling, connecting with people around the world, languages, playing the piano, hiking, sailing, photography and much more.