Schwaebisch Gmuend | Indian Restaurant Ganesha | 👍

After autumn 2019, we today again visited the restaurant “Ganesha” in Schwaebisch Gmuend (Germany). We went there quite early on a Friday evening without reservation and immediately got a table assigned. We soon recognized, that barely 1 hour later the restaurant quickly filled up. We therefore felt lucky, that we got a table without reservation upfront. 


Conveniently located at the Muensterplatz in the city center, the restaurant offers seating in the shadow for hot summer evenings and cozy tables inside for the winter time.

The service itself is quick and friendly (English-speaking as well) and are open to recommend their specialties from the rich menu.


On the menu (German and English), we found all the typical Indian dishes we also know from Bangalore and Mumbai. We tried some starters (Naan, etc.) and liked them. The sauces range from sweet-sour to quite spicy! 

As main dish, we selected one chicken curry with spinach and coconut-milk together with rice. It was served sizzling hot and nicely arranged with some additional spices. As second main course, we decided for the tandoori mixed plate. It came together with some naan bread again + the matching sauce. 

We liked every dish and found the meat well prepared. Unfortunately the portions were so generous, that despite of a clearly recognizable willingness to go for a dessert, the capacity simply was missing.


The location of the restaurant plus the decent food makes this restaurant a solid choice in Schwaebisch Gmuend. We especially liked the atmosphere in the summertime, where you can sit outside and enjoy the view across the square with an old church in the background. 

But also during winter-time, the nicely decorated restaurant leaves a very pleasant impression and is a perfect match for the food.

Clearly a restaurant we intend to return to. 

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