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Traveling to Wuerzburg (Frankonia, Germany) for us means returning to our roots. While not growing up in Wuerzburg, we were both born here a “couple of years ago”. Later we returned for our studies to this little town in the center of Frankonia. Here we also learned to enjoy the local food and wine.

To keep our nice memories alive, we each year meet with our friends in Wuerzburg for our traditional Christmas Dinner. And since more than 10 years, we select the restaurant “Alte Mainmuehle” for our get-together.

Seating / Location, a clear plus!

The restaurant itself is located in the center of Wuerzburg at the “Alte Mainbruecke”. The “Alte Mainbruecke” is connecting the old city center of Wuerzburg with the Western part of Wuerzburg (where you can also find the Marienfestung on the top of one of the hills).

Around the year, the restaurant serves the typical “Schoppen” also outside the restaurant. A Schoppen is a glass of (many times while) wine. You can sample here the typical wines from the region (more on the dry side) while enjoying the medieval scenery with the Marienfestung on the one side of the bridge. 12 statues of saints are than accompanying you towards the old city center with the Wuerzburger Dom and other historic buildings on the other side of the river.

While we love this spot for meeting with our old and new friends, we definitely prefer at winter times the rustic design inside for our joined dinner. An alternative (only in summer times) is the outside balcony directly above the Main.


After settling in and a first lively exchange of news with our friends, the attention is normally drawn to the menu card.

The menu itself offers dishes from the region (and a few also from “abroad” 😁, e.g. “Bayerischer Obazda”). This specific speciality from the next door region Bavaria is a mixture of cheese with red onions and normally eaten on top of a traditional farmers bread.


We normally start with the very tasty “Scheureben-Suppe”, a creamy soup from the region Frankonia. As alternative, you can of course take salat (my wife likes this one) or some other soups.

Main course

Food in Frankonia is traditionally featuring meat in different variations. But to also serve the customers, who prefer dishes without meat, the “Alte Mainmuehle” has enriched its menu with some interesting and not at all common Vergan dishes. Regardless of the dish you choose: You can rely on the fact, that the ingredients are sourced locally and you therefore get real local food and wine. This guarantees quality and also reduces your personal carbon footprint this evening, as ingredients for your meal were not first shipped around the globe.


Let’s move on to the dessert (if you are still ready for it, as the portions in the Alte Mainmuehle are rather on the large side). If you want to stay local, ice cream on pears or some cake with sorbet (not so local) is a nice choice.

Jennifer normally very much prefers the Mouses au chocolate (independent from the country / region / town). Therefore you can easily consider her as an expert for that dessert and in the “Alte Mainmuehle”, it passes with high grades.

Summary: Good local food and wine!

For us, visiting the Alte Mainmuehle combines several things, whenever we travel to Wuerzburg:

First it reminds us about our time as student in Wuerzburg with the possibility to inhale a fair share of Würzburgs history while conveniently enjoying a glass of wine.

Second, the food is nicely prepared and the services good. It’s definitely a recommendation, if you search for local food and wine in Wuerzburg.

But the most important topic for us is, that it’s synonym for meeting our old friends during the annual Christmas Dinner!

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