Enjoying Wuerzburg in February

Würzburg is the most beautiful midsize city in the middle of Germany. It features (among others)

  • a well preserved castle in the city center, 
  • an impressive fortress (see picture below) uphill on the other side of the river Main, 
  • many old churches and chapels, 
  • nice restaurants, bars, cafes and
  • an excellent wine (with a long tradition).
Fortress in Würzburg 

Of course I don’t just say so, because we were both born there. But because of all these reasons together and because we studied there, we meet there every year to enjoy our Christmas dinner with very “old” friends. This year our Christmas dinner had to be postponed to February – great that we still almost all made it. 

This tradition lasts now for about 20 years and the past 10 or so we enjoyed our Christmas dinner incl. an oven baked goose in the “Alte Mainmühle“ in Würzburg at the “Alte Mainbrücke“. The menu has a huge variety of Franconian dishes, so even in February (no gooses in February) we were able to find something special and delicious, e.g. Silvaner-Süpple (delicious white wine soup), Schäufele (cooked pork meat), various salads, nice deserts. Unfortunately everything was so delicious that we were not fast enough to take pictures. 

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